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I am currently making a new personal website. It is available here. The new site is more blogging oriented and more dynamic than this.

Check out for my news posts about gaming:

This is the latest Android project I've been working on, for right now, the name is 'Cloud Surfer' but that will be changed soon because it doesn't describe what I want the final app to be.

With the new menu and gameplay. The next step is to implement the level chooser, then scoring, and finally to let people create user accounts so they can start making levels as well.

Including the basic Level editor:

Older Revision:

This is a VHDL project I worked on for playing Asteroids on a NEXYS2 development board. I made improvements and got the asteroids to look much smoother, but I didn't get a good video of it and will need to set it up on the dev board again.

Made this on my netbook while on the airplane flying to San Jose, CA (a couple summers ago):

Another test using Woody:

In both games, use W'A'S'D to move the character (up is jump)

I wrote both games in Action Script 2.