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This portfolio contains links and details about various projects I have been involved with in the past,
and some of my creations.

Here are some websites I have created and maintain:

Brockport First Baptist Church Website:


A recent website design project. EmuDB is a database of Systems and Emulators aimed at helping people learn more about emulators and the technical specifications of Video Game Systems.

Santa Fe Renewable Energy IQP Project:

I was quoted in the Albuquerque Journal on April 30th, 2010 for our IQP presentation to the City of Santa Fe:

Albuquerque Journal Article

New Blogging Oriented Site:

I began to refactor all the website work I have done in the past into an easily installable package so that others can use the CMS I created in their own websites.

Project I'm working on now, basically a game for Android that allows people to make levels using a browser on their computer, and then syncs the levels they(and others) have made with their phone so they can play on them.